What will a Bridal Loan cover?

We offer funding options for nearly every wedding-related expense. Click here to see a list of things we commonly cover. If you do not see the category you are looking for on the list, we still may be able to offer you wedding financing.

What types of financing do you offer?

BridalLoans.com offers a wide range of financing options for all levels of credit.

How do I find a vendor or merchant that accepts wedding loan financing?

BridalLoans.com has a network of vendors and merchants that we regularly work with. However, if the business you want to purchase from is not currently a part of the BridalLoans network, simply give the name of the business and a contact phone number to one of our loan coordinators, and they will get in touch with them.

What are the current interest rates for a wedding loan?

Interest rates will vary depending on your unique credit profile, payment plan, and size of the loan.

What are your credit requirements?

Our credit requirements are not as strict as other financing companies or credit cards. If you have been denied for financing in the past, you still may qualify for a wedding loan through BridalLoans.com.

How do I check my rate?

Simply click here to apply online, or call us toll-free 1-888-502-8028 to speak with one of our representatives.

Do all vendors and merchants accept BridalLoans?

We are constantly expanding our network of approved merchants and vendors, but not every business is a member. If your preferred merchant isn’t currently in our network, simply add the name and phone number of the business to your application and we will do our best to work with them directly to find a financing option that will work for you.

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