There are a lot of decisions to make when selecting the invitations for your wedding. The type of printing, the paper or card stock it is printed on, and whether the invitation will have extras like tissue or double envelopes are all choices you will need to make when pick out your wedding invitations. And each choice you make along the way will affect the final cost of your wedding invitations. can help you pay for your wedding invitations with wedding invitation financing. Types of printing:

  • Engraving – this is when the words or images are carved or etched into the cardstock
  • Lithography – is a type of plate printing, where the image or text to be printed is drawn in oil or wax on a plate, covered in ink, and then pressed onto the paper or card.
  • Thermography – utilizes heat and heat-sensitive paper to burn the text or images onto the paper or card.
  • Letterpress Printing – is a type of relief printing that involves individual letter plates arranged in proper order, coated in ink and then pressed into the paper or cardstock.
  • Blind Embossing – is frequently used in conjunction with foil stamping but involves two dies or molds, one raised, the other recessed. The paper or card is placed between the two dies and subjected to enough pressure to create a raised image or text.
  • Offset Printing – is a 2-step process where the image or text to be printed is etched into a plate, then transferred to a rubber cylinder that is rolled across the paper or card. The newspaper printing press is a common form of offset printing.
  • Laser Cutting – modern technology has opened the way for intricate laser-cut invitations. If you have ever made paper-dolls or paper snowflakes, you can get a similar effect by laser cutting your wedding invitation.

What type of wedding invitation should you choose? That depends on the type of ceremony you will have and the individual personalities of you and your partner. A good wedding invitation is a reflection of the event and the people getting married. A formal church ceremony should have classy, refined invitations whereas a beach wedding would be more suited to a playful design with sunny, light colors. Wedding invitations can be expensive. If you would like to cut the high cost of your wedding invitations down to an easy, low monthly payment, you could qualify for wedding invitation financing.

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